Partnership Workshop

Istanbul, Turkey 8-9 December 2014

FDI-UL Istanbul Workshop

A global workshop was organized from 8-9 December 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey for NDAs implementing the school programme and collecting scientific data.

During the workshop, participants familiarized themselves with the new scientific experts, Prof Jo Frenken and Prof Paulo Melo, and also shared their previous partnership project experience openly with the experts and other participants. A face-to-face meeting with the experts was scheduled for each NDA for them to have the opportunity to have a more focused discussion on the new project proposal for the current partnership and also align the methodology in data collection. A group meeting with the Partnership Leaders and Coordinator was also conducted to discuss about the administrative and management aspect of the projects.

The workshop wrapped up successfully with fruitful discussion about project plans and evaluation, thus better supporting the NDAs in finalizing their project proposals with their local Unilever partners back home.

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