Prosthodontics - Malocclusion - Endodontics - Implant dentistry event

Key to success in prosthodontics: from case selection to maintenance

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the current treatment concepts in prosthodontics

  • Assess and identify difficult cases requiring prosthodontic treatment
  • Plan and execute prosthodontic treatment predictably
  • Recognize the new technologies and materials in prosthodontics


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Edmond Pow

How much we can do for Class II malocclusion?

Learning objectives:

  • The differential diagnosis of Class II malocclusion.
  • Function occlusion principle of orthodontics.
  • Mandible rotation and occlusal plane control.


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Dr Yi M Liu

How can we prepare for The Digital Implant Dentistry?

Learning objectives:

  • Understand about digital dentistry
  • Understand digital guide implant surgery
  • Understand digital implant prosthesis
  • Understand facial smile design


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Dr Hyun-Jong Kim

Hypnosis in Endodontics: Does it work?

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of hypnosis and its application in daily life
  • Identify the indication of hypnodontics
  • Learn the hypnodontic application in dental clinic
  • Experience hypnosis first hand


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Dr Afzan Adilah Binti Ayoub

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25 Jan / 26 January 2019



Type of event

CE Programme


Myanmar Dental Association