Adhesive dentistry - Restorative dentistry - Implant dentistry event

Application of polymerization principles for a successful cementation

Learning objectives

  • To establish the basic principles of types of halogen lights and the history of these and halogen emitting lamps
  • To understand the differences between halogen lamps and led lamps according to different types of polymerization
  • Current requirements of a suitable polymerized system to achieve the final hardening of 80% of the composites nanotechnology
  • To evaluate the different systems of light-curing present in the dental offices, to achieve an effective adhesive dentistry


User picture
Dr Alejandro Zuñiga

Actual and predictable protocols for implant immediate loading

Learning objectives

  • To establish times/protocols for implant placement with respect to dental extraction
  • To establish loading times/protocols on implants
  • To establish the primary stability necessary for immediate loading
  • To establish the terminology/classification for the various placement protocols and loading of implants
  • To understand the benefits of bone graft according to type of material


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Dr Paulina Barrientos

Direct anterior restorations and indirect posterior restorations, morphology and occlusion

Learning objectives

  • To establish the current step by step procedures for direct restorations
  • To understand the differences between direct and indirect restorations and to determine when to use one or the other
  • To establish the basic principles of dental morphology to achieve an optimal occlusion
  • To establish the importance of an ideal morphology for the final success of the restoration


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Dr Andrés Román

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06 Feb / 08 February 2019



Type of event

CE Programme


Asociación Odontológica Panameña