Oral cancer - Oral pathology event

Oral cancers: terminology, epidemiology, and etiologies

Topic A

Learning objectives

  • Familial with oral cancers terms
  • Frequency of oral cancers
  • Etiologies
  • Tobacco alcohol
  • Genetic factors


Georges Aoun

Worrying factors of oral lesions

Topic B

Learning objectives

Worrying factors in oral mucosal pathologies facing:

  • White patch
  • Red lesion
  • Exophytic lesion
  • Pigmented lesion
  • Ulceration
  • Vesicle and/or bulla


Assist. Prof. Sami El Toum

Treatment modalities of oral cancers

Topic C

Learning objectives

  • Classification of oral cancer
  • Staging of oral cancers
  • Indications and complications surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy
  • Dentist role before and during therapy


Assist. Prof. Gabriel El Hajj

Management of post cancer therapy oral complications

Topic D

Learning objectives

The dentist has a major role to manage and prevent oral complications of anticancer treatment

  • osteoradionecrosis
  • bisphosphonate induced osteonecrosis
  • dental caries
  • mucositis
  • dry mouth


Assoc. Prof. Antoine Cassia

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01 Jul / 01 July 2019



Type of event

CE Programme


Lebanese Dental Association