Periodontics; Endodontics; Implants event

Periodontics in your everyday practice

Topic A

Learning objectives:

  1. Current concept of periodontal disease progression
  2. Adopt a basic periodontal examination tool to identify patients with treatment needs
  3. Understand the various non-surgical and surgical treatment indications
  4. The impact of periodontal treatment on improving patient quality of life
  5. Peri-implantitis and its management

Keywords: BPE (Basic periodontal examination), QOL (Quality of Life), Peri-implantitis


Dr Li Beng Wong

Conservative, Conventional and Unconventional Endodontics

Topic B

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the mechanisms and techniques for pulp preservation and regeneration
  • Understand the principles and practice of predictable endodontic treatment
  • Demonstrate success with some ‘unconventional’ endodontic techniques

Keywords: Vital pulp Therapy, Conventional Root Canal Therapy, Unconventional Root Canal Therapy


User picture
Dr. Patrick Seng Kwong Tseng

Extraction Socket Management and Immediate Implant Placement: consideration factors for long-term stability

Topic C

Learning objectives:

  1. understanding socket healing after extraction
  2. implant installation level according to socket condition
  3. selection of gap management material

Keywords: immediate implant placement, extraction socket management, extraction gap filling material, open membrane technique


Prof Young Whee Son

Role of hard and soft tissue regeneration in general dentistry

Topic D

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify indications of tissue regeneration in general dentistry  
  2. Factors affecting success
  3. How to avoid potential complications

Keywords: Regeneration, Graft, Complications, General dentistry

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21 Sep / 22 September 2018



Type of event

CE Programme


Indonesian Dental Association