Endodontics; CAD-CAM restorations event

Back to basics: examining endodontic diagnosis and pit falls

Topic A

Learning objectives

  • Revisit the examination & diagnostic techniques, understand their limitation and how to overcome them
  •  Familiarize with various clinical presentations related to endodontics and the appropriate management

Keywords: Endodontics, diagnosis, examination, management


Dr Wataru Ode

Between a rock and a hard place: which CAD-CAM material to choose?

Topic B

Learning objectives

  • Discuss available digital impression and CAD/CAM technologies
  • Discuss a current state of CAD-CAM materials
  • Understand the materials available for CAD-CAM restorations
  • Learn a decision-making process for choosing the appropriate material for CAD-CAM restoration

Keywords: CAD-CAM materials, Ceramic, Zirconia, Wear


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Dr Pavinee Padipatvuthikul Didron

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16 Nov / 17 November 2018



Type of event

CE Programme


Indonesian Dental Association