Caries Management; Temporomandibular Joint Disorders event

Benefit of fluoride therapy in Caries Management

Topic A

Learning objectives

  • understand the mechanism of fluoride in remineralization
  • able to apply their knowledge in providing fluoride therapy for caries management

Keywords: Silver diamine fluoride, caries, remineralization


Prof Chun Hung Chu

Revisiting the Management of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders - What Works and What Doesn't?

Topic B

Learning objectives

  • To revisit Temporomandibular disorders
  • To acquire insights into the challenges of managing TMD
  • To be updated on the advances in the treatment of TMD and its comorbid conditions

Keywords: Temporomandibular disorders – management – challenges – comorbidity


Prof Dr Khoo Suan Phaik

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19 Sep / 22 September 2018



Type of event

CE Programme


Chinese Stomatological Association