Periodontics; Orthodontics; Removable Prosthodontics event

The state-of-the-art periodontal treatment

Topic A

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of conventional periodontal treatment
  • Appreciation of periodontal regenerative therapy
  • Learning about regenerative materials and growth factors
  • Highlight the use of Er:YAG Laser

Keywords: Periodontal treatment, Periodontal generative therapy, bone graft materials, Er:YAG Laser


Prof Yuichi Izumi

Minimal intervention strategies in orthodontics

Topic B

Learning objectives

  • To understand minimal intervention strategies in orthodontics
  • To highlight some cases in which malocclusion was treated using minimal intervention strategies in orthodontics
  • To demonstrate how minimal intervention strategies in orthodontics can achieve an acceptable aesthetic and functional result

Keywords: Minimal intervention, orthodontics, aesthetics, function


Dr Surguna Muniandy

The Dreaded Flat Ridges

Topic C

Learning objectives

  • more aware (if and when applicable) on the various ways of managing complete denture cases with severely-resorbed ridges.
  • reminded of the factors that affect retention and stability of complete dentures, and how they may be manipulated to lessen, if not preclude, their effects.

Keywords: retention and stability, flat ridges, highly-resorbed ridges, severely-resorbed ridges


Dr Danilo Magtanong

Screw mechanics in implant system

Topic D

Learning objectives:

The clinician has to know the different biomechanical features and understand their implications to produce successful implant-supported prosthesis with an external or an internal connection system.

Keywords: Preload, Clamping Force, Screw loosening


Prof Seung-Ryong Ha

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22 Aug / 24 August 2018


Viet Nam

Type of event

CE Programme


Vietnam Odonto-Stomatology Association (VOSA)