Endodontics event

Intracanal instrumentation and disinfection - Longer? Wider? Larger? And what about CaOH?

Topic A

Learning objectives

  • Biological and mechanical concept of endodontic treatment.
  • Determination of the working length and apical sizes
  • The use of intracanal Calcium Hydroxide medicament.

Keywords: Intracanal instrumentation, Apical size, Working length, CaOH medicament


Dr Marcus Yan

What next when Root Canal Treatment fails?

Topic B

Learning objectives

  1. Etiology of post treatment endodontic disease
  2. Understand when to choose surgical intervention
  3. The difference between traditional apical surgery and modern endodontic microsurgery
  4. To formulate an evidence based treatment plan

Keywords: Post treatment endodontic disease, Orthograde endodontic treatment, Endodontic microsurgery


Dr Marcus Yan

The ‘what’, ‘How’, ‘Why’ to light up your Dentistry

Topic C

Learning objectives:

  1. Basic laser physics and its importance in clinical application
  2. Possible applications in clinical dentistry

Keywords: Dental laser wavelengths, Dental laser applications


Dr Ryan Siu Keung Seto

Keeping Teeth for Life’ – Patient-centred Endodontics

Topic D

Learning objectives:

  1. To understand patient-centred care in endodontics
  2. To understand the importance of case selection and treatment planning in the older adult
  3. To understand the relationship between oral health and general health
  4. To gain practical clinical tips in managing older patients for endodontics
  5. Endodontics outcomes and what constitutes ‘success’

Keywords: endodontics, elderly, periapical disease, patient-centred care, health


Dr Lara Friedlander

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04 Aug / 05 August 2018



Type of event

CE Programme


Fiji Dental Association