Implant treatment planning; Dental ceramics event

Natural tooth versus implant supported reconstruction

Topic A

Learning objectives

  • Appreciate dento-gingival and dento –alveolar anatomy in health and disease,
  • Appreciate the consequences of tooth lost in adults,
  • Taking learning objects 1 and 2 into account, appreciate and able to apply the basic principles of implant dentistry in missing teeth replacement,
  • Understand and appreciate the limitations of dental implants as option for replacement of missing teeth and associate tissues

Keywords: implant, rehabilitation, tooth


Prof Wai Keung Leung

The Essential Aspects of Dental Ceramics

Topic B

Learning objectives

  • customize the prescribing of all ceramic restorations according to the patient needs
  • understand the importance of the properties of dental ceramics for its clinical usage.

Keywords: Dental ceramics – properties – restorations – clinical


Dr Mohamad Hamirudin

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22 Jun / 23 June 2018


Sri Lanka

Type of event

CE Programme


Sri Lanka Dental Association