Mouth Heroes for Schools

Mouth Heroes for Schools: helping teachers give lessons on good oral health

03 April 2019

Mouth Heroes for Schools is a multimedia resource that provides teachers with the tools to give lessons on good oral health.

World Health Day

Oral health must be integrated into universal health coverage #WorldHealthDay

03 April 2019

World Health Day is dedicated to universal health coverage (UHC). Integrating oral health into UHC should improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities in access to care.

Brush Day & Night in Nigeria

Reporting back from Brazzaville: FDI attends WHO capacity-building workshop on oral health

26 March 2019

FDI showed its commitment to oral health in Africa by attending a WHO workshop meant to build momentum around the Regional Oral Health Strategy.

Congress interviews

Unveiling a new electrolytic treatment for peri-implantitis

14 March 2019

Dr Urs R. Brodbeck discusses the new electrolytic approach to cleaning infected implants: Bubbles of hydrogen gas develop right at the implant surface, which remove contaminants without causing damage to the titanium microstructure. This method works in different grades of titanium, alloys, surfaces, brands and macro designs of implants.

Endodontics white paper calls for treatment to consider patient health and well-being

11 March 2019

Rather than focusing purely on the roots of the tooth, FDI’s white paper calls for endodontic care to address a broader set of health outcomes that directly affect the patient.

World Water Day 22 March

Calling for safe access to fluoridated water on World Water Day

05 March 2019

Access to safe water is an essential element of oral health – adding fluoride to a clean water supply often results in community-wide improvements in oral health.

WDDF in Nepal (2018)

FDI offers funding for innovative oral health projects around the world: Apply by 15 June

05 March 2019

Get financial support for your projects that aim to promote and improve oral health in your communities. Apply by 15 June 2019.

IDJ Authors

Mechanisms of silver diamine fluoride on arresting caries: a literature review

05 March 2019
Scientific journals

Authors of the most downloaded article in the International Dental Journal discuss early childhood caries in Southeast Asia and propose silver diamine fluoride treatment as a solution to tooth decay.

Dr Arif Alvi, Pakistan President

President of Pakistan promotes preventive care for optimal oral health

05 March 2019

Dr Arif Alvi, president of Pakistan and former FDI Council member, says that “a dollar spent in prevention saves a hundred in curative care.”

Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health postcard

This World Oral Health Day, inspire your patients to Act On Mouth Health

05 March 2019
World Oral Health Day

Oral health professionals can help address the oral disease burden by motivating their communities to Act on Mouth Health. The World Oral Health Day campaign encourages oral health professionals to share how good oral care contributes to overall health and well-being.