FDI adopts six Policy Statements

23 September 2014

The FDI General Assembly, meeting in New Delhi on 13 September, adopted five Policy Statements with little comment. A sixth Policy Statement on ‘Dental Implants’ inspired a lively debate, but was finally adopted subject to certain amendments.

FDI enlarges with five new members

23 September 2014

FDI has five new members, following the approval of applications by the FDI General Assembly at its first meeting on 9 September 2014, in advance of the Annual World Dental Congress in New Delhi.

FDI publishes the brochure Dental Restorative Materials and the Minamata Convention on Mercury

23 September 2014

FDI has published a new brochure Dental Restorative Materials and the Minamata Convention on Mercury targeting national dental associations and individual dentists seeking more i

FDI unveils WOHD 2015 ‘Smile for life’ campaign in New Delhi

23 September 2014
World Oral Health Day

FDI unveiled its World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2015 campaign in New Delhi on 10 September, first at a luncheon, where campaign posters and other materials were on display, then at a special forum of FDI National Liaison Officers (NLOs

FDI y S.O.C.H. unen fuerzas para ‘Las Américas 2015’

23 September 2014

La FDI junto con su miembro asociado, la Sociedad Odontológica de Chile (S.O.C.H.), se han unido para organizar su primer congreso regional 'Las Américas' en Santiago, Chile, del 26 al 28 marzo de 2015.

Oral Health Atlas Task Team meets to recommend future steps

28 August 2014

The Oral Health Atlas Task Team met in Geneva on 28 and 29 July with two aims: the first was to recommend future steps on FDI’s newly-developed Data Hub for Global Oral Health; the second was to define the specifications for contents and graphic design for the ongoing

FDI embarks on Africa Congress programme

28 July 2014

FDI is holding the FDI African Congress and 1st International Dental Exhibition in Africa, to take place in Dakar, Senegal, 8 to 10 November 2014.

VDA collaborates to implement oral health projects in Vanuatu

22 July 2014
FDI member the Vanuatu Dental Association is collaborating in the implementation of key oral health projects undertaken in Vanuatu, devised and executed by the University of Sydney, Australia.