FDI President joins 25th anniversary celebrations in Poland

18 December 2014

FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong travelled to Warsaw, Poland, in early December to congratulate FDI member, the Chambers of Physicians and Dental Practitioners in Poland (PCDP), on the 25th anniversary of its ‘Re-establishment’.

First FDI-Unilever partnership Phase III workshop

18 December 2014

The first workshop of Phase III of the FDI-Unilever partnership took place in Istanbul from 8 to 9 December. It followed a preparatory web conference on 23 November.

Oral Health Observatory app ready for launch

17 December 2014

FDI’s new Oral Health Observatory application will be ready for its official launch early in the New Year. The app is designed to assess the state of oral health of patients as reported by their dentist and by the patients themselves.

A meeting between WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan and FDI leadership

26 November 2014

At a recent meeting at the Geneva headquarters of the World Health Organization (WH0), FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong had the opportunity of discussing a wide range of oral health-related issues with WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan.

Mali: AOSMA 5th scientific awareness day

25 November 2014

The 5th scientific awareness day organized by FDI member the Association des Odonto-stomatologistes du Mali (AOSMA) focused on the specific and general care extended by oral health profession to patients suffering from systemic diseases.

Minamata Convention: practical advice for dentists

31 October 2014

FDI will soon be making available a toolkit developed by the Education Committee containing practical advice for dentists on how to implement the provisions on dental amalgam in the Minamata Convention on Mercury in a clinical setting.

FDI Data Hub: future development

30 October 2014

Now that the FDI Data Hub for Global Oral Health has been successfully launched, it is time to roll out the plan for its future development.

Prof. Charles Muhima Pilipili appointed Director of FDI’s CE Programme, Africa

30 October 2014

Prof. Charles Muhima Pilipili has been appointed Director of FDI’s Continuing Education Programme in the African region. The appointment took place at the meeting of the FDI Council in New Delhi last September.

‘Dental Tbilisoba’ takes place in Georgia

30 October 2014

The Georgian Stomatological Association organized the 8th FDI CE Programme on 11 October 2014 in Tbilisi, under the theme ‘Temporo-Mandibular and Oro-Facial Dysfunction’.