Endodontics in General Practice chairside guide

FDI chairside guide proposes a prevention-focused endodontic care strategy

07 September 2019

FDI released the Endodontic care strategy in general dental practice chairside guide at the World Dental Congress this 7 September 2019. The Chairside guide provides a strategy for endodontic treatment in the general dental practice.

Endodontics in General Practice survey

FDI survey says providing specialized endodontic care remains a persistent challenge in many countries

04 July 2019

FDI recently released the results of a survey identifying the main barriers to endodontic care across the globe.

Endodontics white paper calls for treatment to consider patient health and well-being

11 March 2019

Rather than focusing purely on the roots of the tooth, FDI’s white paper calls for endodontic care to address a broader set of health outcomes that directly affect the patient.

Safeguard your teeth

Endodontics at the core of new partnership between FDI and Dentsply Sirona

10 January 2018

FDI and Dentsply Sirona team up to deliver White Paper and Chairside Guide on the need for endodontics in the daily dental practice.