Oral Health Observatory special symposium to be held at FDI World Dental Congress

06 August 2018 Research

FDI awarded Italian dentist Dr Roberta Zanforlin an expenses-paid trip to the upcoming FDI World Dental Congress (WDC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for her contribution to the Oral Health Observatory (OHO) project. Dr Zanforlin, an Italian Dental Association (ANDI) member, was selected randomly from a pool of dentists who completed the OHO data collection during the competition period. With this prize, FDI hopes to incentive other oral health professionals to participate in OHO and bolster the oral health data set and craft evidence-based solutions to improve oral health.

Reliable data is essential in guiding effective public health interventions. FDI developed OHO to collect standardized data on oral health, which remains limited despite staggering rates of oral disease worldwide. OHO recruits dentists to gather data about the oral health and quality of life of their patients, using an easy-to-use mobile app developed by FDI.

Congress features OHO symposium and interactive data collection workshop

A symposium dedicated to OHO will be held at this year’s FDI WDC, where the OHO Task Team will provide a detailed overview of the project and its achievements to date. Following the symposium, an interactive workshop will explore how the OHO data collection and implementation procedure could be adapted to strengthen the project moving forward. To register for the workshop, contact Mr José Ibarra, FDI Education and Public Health Manager.

OHO launches in China

FDI and the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) have worked closely together to implement OHO in China. So far, a total of 70 dentists from across the country have begun to collect oral health data in their practices and have committed to surveying 3,500 patients in the span of several months.

At the same time, dentists continue to actively implement OHO in Costa Rica, India and Italy, contributing valuable oral health data that will help shape an understanding of oral health and dentistry in these countries.

FDI encourages all dentists to get involved in OHO in order to build a global repository of data on oral health that can be used to improve oral health outcomes worldwide. For more information on how to begin the data collection process, contact Mr Sean Taylor, FDI Education and Public Health Coordinator.

Practical information

Oral Health Observatory Symposium

OHO symposium • Thursday, 6 September 2018 14:30-15:30 • Nogal
OHO interactive workshop • Thursday, 6 September 2018 15:45-17:00 • Nogal

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