Last call for applications for FDI’s World Dental Development Fund, deadline 15 June

17 May 2018 Grants

The deadline to apply for FDI’s World Dental Development Fund (WDDF) is fast approaching. Applications meeting the criteria for funding must be submitted by 15 June to be considered for review by the Public Health Committee.

Health promotion for diseases prevention

Established in 1999, the WDDF works to improve oral health globally by financing innovative prevention and access programmes in disadvantaged populations. Current projects are being carried out in Tanzania and Nepal, to raise oral health awareness, reduce early childhood caries, and improve community-focused interventions respectively.

The fund supports projects that promote and highlight oral health in different settings. Past examples include projects across Africa, but also Asia and Latin America. They have reached vulnerable communities to address the oral health needs of handicapped children in orphanages and schools in Senegal, integrated basic oral care in existing primary healthcare structures in Pakistan, and trained the dental team in early recognition of oral cancers and pre-cancers in Latin America – to name a few.

Lady showing brushing technique to children during WOHD 17 in Senegal

Who can apply for funding?

FDI strongly encourages member associations to develop relevant projects and apply to the WDDF. Eligibility is subject to submission of financial documentation, along with a successful project proposal in the fields of education, oral health promotion, disease prevention or eradication, or primary healthcare. Applications must include detailed objectives, as well as planning, implementation and evaluation stages.

A maximum of two projects are selected for funding every year and each project receives a maximum amount of 10,000 CHF.

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