Oral Health Observatory counts Italy and Japan among its ranks, OHO dentists eligible for FDI prize

06 March 2018 Research

Local dentists in Italy and Japan are leading oral health data collection efforts, extending the global reach of the Oral Health Observatory (OHO) across Europe and Asia.

FDI developed OHO to collect reliable, standardized data on oral health, which remains limited despite staggering rates of tooth decay and other oral diseases worldwide. OHO recruits local dentists to speak with their patients about their oral health habits and gather data on their oral health using a mobile app and online questionnaire developed by FDI.

Italy and Japan’s commitment drives forward OHO’s mission to compile an evidenced-based, global profile on oral health, which will be used to shape national oral health policies and advocate action on the most critical oral health issues around the world.

To encourage a comprehensive data set, FDI is introducing a prize element to boost dentist collaboration. OHO-participating dentists will now be eligible to win a free, expenses-paid trip to this year’s FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Activation in Italy and Japan

An estimated 1,400 patients from each country will be invited to provide data on their oral health, which selected dentists will collect using the OHO mobile App. So far, 27 dentists from Italy and 29 from Japan have been carefully chosen from different regions, across rural and urban areas, to ensure a complete picture of the oral health situation in the country.

OHO is organized in Japan through collaboration with the Japan Dental Association and is implemented by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Translation of Oral Health Science at Niigata University. In Italy, OHO is run in collaboration with the Italian Dental Association, ANDI (Associazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani).

The OHO contest: one dentist to win a trip to the FDI World Dental Congress

The OHO contest, open to all dentists participating in OHO, will run until the end of June. The winning dentist, chosen by a random draw, will attend the FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires from 5-8 September 2018. The prize includes round-trip airfare and hotel accommodation for up to four nights.

All dentists who wish to participate and have not already received specific instructions from FDI, must complete the study in line with the following guidelines in order to be entered into the draw:

  • survey at least 50 patients by the contest cut-off date
  • conduct at least one patient survey per day
  • select the patient at random

OHO data collection on oral health continues in Costa Rica and India. OHO is expected to launch in Kenya and South Africa at the end of March.

Interested in participating? Have any questions? Contact Sean Taylor, Education and Public Health Coordinator, for more information on enrollment.

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