Costa Rica, India and Italy complete recruitment of dental practices for Oral Health Observatory

07 December 2017 Research

Patient responding to the FDI Oral Health Observatory survey

The Oral Health Observatory (OHO) has completed recruitment of dental practices in Costa Rica, India and Italy and plans to venture implementation in China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Poland, South Africa, and Zimbabwe in 2018.

FDI was present at the Colegio de Cirujano-Dentistas in Costa Rica to meet with Dr Heilyn Quiros, one of the participating dentists gathering information for the OHO. She described the opportunity to make a concrete contribution to the improvement of oral health as her main motivation for accepting the invitation and encouraged other oral health professionals to participate.

The Oral Health Observatory

The OHO is an FDI initiative, in collaboration with member National Dental Associations (NDAs) and supported by GSK, to collect standardized data on oral health. It seeks to better understand current oral healthcare needs for patients and oral health professionals at the national, regional and global level.

Behavioural and clinical data, in addition to information from the dental practices, are collected directly from the NDA’s network of dentists. Such standardized data is currently scarce and will be an important step in informing oral health advocacy work and guiding governments in developing effective policies for oral health.

A pilot phase of the OHO was successfully implemented in 2014-2015 in Mexico, Germany and the Netherlands. It demonstrated the potential for a mobile app to be used as an efficient and inexpensive way to collect data from dentists and patients on issues such as dental caries and gum disease.

A second phase began in 2017 with a new mobile app to be eventually launched in 10 countries. It focuses on collecting standardized data on patients’ perceptions of their oral health and its impact on their oral health behaviours, oral health status, dental visiting habits, and quality of life.

Get the OHO mobile app

Any dentist can download the free mobile App from the Google Play Store and App Store. They can request a login from FDI to gain better understanding of how well they are communicating with patients, and how they are perceived in their role as dental practitioners – or talk with their NDA if they want to be part of the research. Download the App:

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