Lucky participants win new tablets for oral health research at World Dental Congress

01 September 2017 Research

FDI gave away 10 tablets with the new Oral Health Observatory (OHO) application pre-installed to winning participants who visited the FDI booth at the World Dental Congress in Madrid, Spain. The tablets are meant to be used as part of cutting-edge research into dental practice from the point of view of the practitioner and patient.

The winners of the 10 tablets are:

  1. A. López Cámara
  2. S. Bushes
  3. Carla Rocha Vacaflor
  4. Lovemore Mahachi
  5. Beatriz Orellana Carro
  6. Carmen Moliner Sánchez
  7. Lucie Nemcova
  8. Enrique Fernández de la Cruz
  9. Selynna Jethani Jethani
  10. José Ayub

OHO prize winners

We value your feedback

The OHO is a new tool designed by FDI to measure perceptions and realities within dental practices. It was first piloted two years ago in Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands. Given its success, it is now being rolled out in 10 countries as part of an official FDI research programme, carried out by National Dental Associations (NDAs) and involving between 20 and 70 dental practices per country.

"The Oral Health Observatory is an efficient way to collect data from dentists and patients on issues such as caries and gingivitis prevalence, oral health behaviours, and quality of life. This standardized data, often scarce, is important to inform oral health advocacy work and guide governments in developing effective policies for oral health."
Michael Sereny, FDI Dental Practice Committee Chair

Participating dental practices also receive regular updates on oral health and dental visiting trends of their patients. These include graphs and statistics on how patients rate their oral health, why they don’t visit the dentist more often and about the interactions between oral health status, behaviour, quality of life and other issues.

How to get the mobile App?

Any dentist can download the free mobile app from the Google Play Store and App Store. They can request a login from FDI to gain better understanding of how well they are communicating with patients, and how they are perceived in their role as dental practitioners – or talk with their NDA if they want to be part of the research.

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