Thai Minister of Public Health opens FDI 2015 Bangkok

22 September 2015 Congress

Thai Minister of Public Health, Clinical Professor Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, launched the official opening of the 2015 FDI Annual World Dental Congress on Tuesday 22 September at a glittering Welcome Ceremony in front of some 2,000 people. Total congress attendance is expected to exceed 5,000 visitors.

The opening event featured a series of official addresses, words of welcome from the Thai hosts, the symbolic handover of the FDI presidential chain of office and a cultural programme of traditional Thai theatre and dance.

A call for collaboration
In his address, Minister Sakolsatayadorn acknowledged that several studies have demonstrated the close links between oral health and chronic disease. He called on dentists and physicians to collaborate more to develop new treatment approaches to address these relationships.

“It is very important that patients and the public have access to information on new technologies and treatment approaches… ,” said the Minister. “The FDI congress will work as a platform for dental professionals in Thailand to share knowledge for the benefit of dentistry in the country and beyond.”

Heightened awareness
In her address, FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong saluted the support of the King of Thailand to Thailand’s dental profession in the promotion of oral and dental care. “As a result, we see an encouraging country-wide decrease in the rate of dental caries among 12 to 15 year-olds.

“We hope that the result of this 2015 event will be an even more heightened awareness of about the importance of looking after our teeth among the local population,” concluded Dr Wong.

The Welcome Ceremony also featured the ‘symbolic’ handover of FDI’s presidential chain of office to incoming President Dr Patrick Hescot of France.

A fundamental right
In his inaugural address, Dr Hescot undertook “to secure the future of dentistry and the position of the dentists as a highly respected member of the medical professions a forerunner in the field of prevention.

“Today, dentists are more than simple healthcare service providers: they a key socio-economic players with responsibilities towards the wellbeing of the public. As dentists, we contribute to our patients’ quality of life.

“Good oral health is part of everyone’s wellbeing. It is also a fundamental right of all people,” concluded Dr Hescot”

The official handover of the presidency takes place during the second session of the General Assembly, in 2015 on 24 September.

A good performance
The 2015 Annual World Dental Congress is expected to exceed first estimates, with already 5,000 enrolled on the first day from some 150 countries. This year offered a diverse scientific programme presented by more than 70 prominent speakers from Thailand and around the world covering all the most significant areas of modern dentistry.

In addition, nearly 300 manufacturers of dental materials and equipment showcased their products in some 5000 square metres of exhibition space.