Strategic Plan workshop at mid-year meetings

09 May 2014

FDI’s strategy 2014 to 2017 will be the subject of a special workshop to take place in Mexico City on 15 May within the context of the FDI mid-year meetings. With over 70% of the 2011-2014 strategic plan achieved, FDI will be looking to develop a plan that is both realistic and visionary.

Participants include the 14 members of the FDI Council, Chairs of Standing Committees, as well as the Executive Director and members of head office management. Discussions will seek to better understand what FDI projects and programmes are of primary importance to participants and which FDI achievements have been the greatest source of pride.

The workshop will also identify the aspects of FDI’s work and operations that truly define its organisational culture, i.e. the values, attitudes, and behaviours shared by its members and staff, as well as their generally unspoken and unwritten rules for working together.

The day’s activities will be moderated by an external consultant whose aim will be to establish to programme, priorities and commitments laid down in the official strategic plan. This will be presented to members of the FDI General Assembly at their meeting in New Delhi in September.

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