Up to 9 FDI Policy Statements envisaged in 2014

27 February 2014

Nine new or revised FDI Policy Statements are currently under consideration, seven within the FDI Science Committee (SC), two within the Dental Practice Committee (DPC). The two committees have already nominated project leaders and expert consultants to move ahead with the work.

Subject to a final go-ahead from the FDI Council at its Mid-Year Meeting to be held in Mexico City in May, the majority could be submitted to the FDI General Assembly in New Delhi in September, making 2014 a highly productive year.

Said FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong: “I congratulate both the Dental Practice and Science Committee for the volume and breadth of the work they have agreed to undertake in 2014. Policy Statements are an essential part of FDI’s work. Distributed to National Dental Associations, they provide guidance on a wide range of issues related to oral health and dentistry. They therefore play a large part in ‘Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health’.

Three new Policy Statements
A total of three new Policy Statements are envisaged this year. The Dental Practice Committee (DPC) is in the process finalizing a new draft on Perinatal and Infant Oral Health. Group leader is Dr Armando Hernandez.

Two subjects are under consideration within the FDI Science Committee (SC): ‘Early detection of HIV infection and appropriate care of subjects with HIV infection / AIDS’ and ‘Oral radiations’. Group leaders are respectively SC Chair Dr Li-Jian Jin and member Dr Georg Meyer.

Four Policy Statement revisions are in progress within the SC. The subjects are:  Dental Implants, with group leader SC member Ira Lamster, revising the earlier ‘Quality of dental implants’, adopted in 2008; and ‘Healthy ageing’, led by SC member Dr Takashi Inoue, updating ‘Edentulism and general health problems of the elderly’, adopted in 2009.

The two other SC projects are ‘Oral and dental care of people with disabilities’ replacing a Policy Statement with the same title adopted in 2003 and led by SC member leader Dr Maida-Medi Ganibegovic; and water fluoridation, under the leadership of consultant Dr John Clarkson, Prof Professor Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and former President and Executive Director of the International Association for Dental Research. The latter text will revise the earlier document ‘Promoting dental health through water fluoridation’, adopted in 2008.

The SC project to replace the 2008 Policy Statement ‘Oral cancer’ with the new ‘Oral and oro-pharyngeal Cancer’ is currently awaiting approval.

Dental amalgam
FDI has reported widely [Link] on its contribution to negotiations within the context of the five sessions of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Mercury and its subsequent agreement with the phase-down approach to dental amalgam called for in the resulting Minamata Convention on Mercury, adopted in 2013.

Taking up the subject once again, the DPC will merge and revise a series of documents into a single Policy Statement ‘Dental amalgam’. The previous documents are: The World Health Organization (WHO) consensus statement on dental amalgam, issued in 1997, a series of Policy Statements issued in 2007—‘Mercury hygiene guidance’, ‘Possible local adverse effects of amalgam restorations’, and ‘Safety of-dental-amalgam—and the Policy Statement ‘Amalgam waste management’, adopted in 2009.

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