Oral health Atlas set for revision and update

27 January 2014

FDI’s unique Oral Health Atlas is set for a complete revision and update, following a meeting of the Data Task Team, held in Geneva on 12 and 13 January 2014. In parallel, FDI will be developing a new online repository compiling the most complete and recent data on oral health.and related data on NCDs, risk factors and socio-economic determinants drawn from several reliable and verified data sources, such as WHO databases.

The Atlas was first published in 2009 and today continues to be a unique work containing information analyses of oral health not currently available form other sources. However, in a rapidly changing world, the demand for an update has been increasingly felt. In its commitment to excellence and the imperative of maintaining credibility, FDI must be able, on request, to supply the latest information in all areas of oral health.

The FDI Data Task Team was set up in 2013 during the FDI Annual World Dental Congress with the aim of creating an online database of oral health information and indicators, radically widening the scope of the data contained in the Oral Health Atlas. FDI is currently in the process of identifying sources of information.

The update of the Oral Health Atlas is made possible through the support of the Vision 2020 partners and an educational grant from the Hong Kong Dental Association.

Members of the Task Team are:

Li-Jian Jin


Hong Kong

Kevin Hardwick



Fannye Thompson



Valerie Robison



Habib Benzian



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