Live.Learn.Laugh. - launch of Phase III

26 February 2014

FDI is pleased to announce the beginning of Phase III of the Live.Learn.Laugh. partnership with Unilever. It will run for the next three years, building on the strong foundations of Phases I and II and maintaining the focus on educating children about the importance of brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste to maintain good oral health.

One of the highlights from Phase II was equipping dental health professionals and teachers with tailored teaching tools, and providing the resources and opportunities to teach preventive oral care to school children in their local communities.

The collaboration between dentists, other health professionals, community workers and school teachers in designing our unique projects has allowed LLL to leverage a range of expertise to benefit so many families worldwide.

Empowering children

In addition to teaching children about oral hygiene, a key objective of Phase III will be to empower children to become advocates for improving oral health. By sharing their knowledge, children can engage their parents or guardians so they too become more aware of the importance of tooth brushing and fluoride.

In Phase III, the Partnership Global Team will continue to work with NDAs in one of two ways: 1) individual programmes combined with World Oral Health Day (WOHD) activities; 2) WOHD activities. These changes are based on the learning and experiences from projects carried out in Phase II and our global ambition to increase the reach of our message in Phase III.

World Oral Health Day, celebrated on 20th March will play a larger role in our LLL activities in Phase III as we maximise this opportunity to further our ambition of good oral health for all.

A word of thanks

The project partners express their gratitude to everyone involved in Phase II of the LLL project—FDI experts from the Public Health Committee Prof D Bourgeois, Prof J Carlos Llodra Calvo, and Prof P Phantumvanit, participating NDAs and the staff of Unilever Oral Care and FDI—for their contributions and support so far.

Their dedication and commitment has enabled LLL to make great progress across Phases I and II in helping to improve oral health standards around the world.

Phase II of the LLL partnership, launched in 2011, was a resounding success, in which our vision of a focused, global oral health promotion programme became reality, with individual projects adapted locally for lasting impact in their communities.

The 29 projects implemented across 27 countries saw our “brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste” message directly reach more than 35,000 people; including over 30,000 children. This is particularly encouraging given the importance of establishing effective oral hygiene behaviour early in life for improved oral health over a lifetime.

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