FDI Policy Statements published in IDJ

27 February 2013

FDI official Policy Statements are now published in the International Dental Journal (IDJ). This means they are available on Medline/PubMed and citable as bibliographic references.

Policy Statements are the means through which FDI develops and disseminates policies, standards and information related to all aspects of oral health care around the world. They are a core deliverable and enable both FDI and its member national dental associations to carry out advocacy on key issues with decision-makers at national and international level.

The development of Policy Statements fully supports the main objectives of FDI: to be the worldwide, authoritative and independent voice of the dental profession; to promote optimal oral and general health for all peoples; to support the member associations in enhancing the ability of their members to provide oral health-care to the public; and to advance and promote the ethics, art, science and practice of dentistry.

Three Policy Statements were published in the January 2013 edition of the International Dental Journal:
FDI policy statement on dental bleaching materials (2011)
FDI Resolution on global legally binding instrument on mercury (2012)
FDI policy statement on Classification of caries lesions of tooth surfaces and caries management systems

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