Secured funding lets FDI pursue Vision 2020, phase 2

28 February 2013

With second-phase funding now secured, FDI’s landmark Vision 2020 project moved into its second phase, with the first meeting of the Task Team charged with translating the strategic statement into policy and action.

Discussion focused on extending capacity in the field of oral health data collection and analysis. This would enable FDI to take the lead in developing key indicators for oral health, the dental profession and the economy.

The resulting database, regularly updates would put FDI in a position to update the Oral Health Atlas, an ultimately become the unique and credible resource centre for information on the status and future direction of oral health worldwide.

The Task Team met in Chicago during the Mid-Winter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society, 21 to 23 February. They were joined by supporting partners from the industry.

Commenting in the aftermath of the meeting, FDI President Dr Orlando Monteiro da Silva highlighted the enthusiasm and concentration with which Team members began their implementation project.

“I really came away from the meeting with the sense that each Team member was absolutely committed to Vision 2020. They are clearly determined to ensure its effective implementation and significant impact on the future of dental medicine,” he stressed.

Vision 2020 was launched in the aftermath of the 2011 Annual World Dental Congress in Mexico City, where FDI members highlighted the absence of an overarching strategy for the dental profession.

A series of Task Team meetings in the ensuing months led to an initial draft being circulated for discussion by the General Assembly in Hong Kong in August 2012, where it was approved with minor amendments.

The current document will now form the basis for discussions on future plans, policies and actions.

Vision 2020 second-phase funding courtesy of Colgate, Henry Schein, Ivocar Vivadent, Johnson & Johnson, Sunstar and Unilever

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