World Oral Health Day 2013: 40 days to create the buzz!

28 February 2013 World Oral Health Day

FDI and its member national dental associations (NDAs) have 40 days to create the buzz around World Oral Health Day 2013 - but already the signs are good as countries line up to announce their activities! The logo is already available in 12 languages, and growing, as NDAs request copies in their own language.

In addition, a WOHD toolkit, now available online in four languages—English, French, German and Spanish (Italian on the way)—gives guidance on organizing successful World Oral Health Day (WOHD) events and working with the media and social media to create the buzz.


The toolkit also provides details on how to leverage WOHD for oral health advocacy as well as a guide to measuring impact and celebrating achievement and working with sponsors and companies.

A poster in A4 format is also online and will be supplemented in the near future with a template for users to adapt it to their national language. Plans are underway to give users access to the original InDesign 5.5 file (zipped).

FDI encourages all stakeholders to make use of the logos and toolkit to ensure the worldwide success and international outreach of World Oral Health Day 2013!

FDI online resources for planning and implementing World Oral Health Day 2013.