Women Dentists Worldwide

The Section of Women Dentists Worldwide exists to

  • co-ordinate the activities of the national groups
  • promote the collection of information about women dentists and their pattern of working
  • address inequalities where they exist
  • faciliate contacts between women worldwide
  • enhance their full participation in all branches of the profession


FDI Women Dentists Worldwide exists to coordinate the activities of the national groups; promote the collection of information about women dentists and their patterns of working; address inequalities where they exist; facilitate
contacts between women worldwide and enhance their full participation in all branches of the profession.

Executive Board

Vesna Barac-Furtinger portrait
Vesna Barac Furtinger
Judith Fisch portrait
Judith Fisch
Maria Gabriella Grusovin portrait
Gabriella Grussovin
Juliane von Hoyningen-Huene portrait
Juliane von
Hoyningen -
- Huener

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Kiguradze -
- Gogilashvili

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Jina Linton
Republic of Korea
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Nanae Kuraji

Honourary Members

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Honourary president
Michèle Aerden
Tin Chun Wong portrait
Tin Chun Wong
Hong Kong SAR
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FDI World Dental Congress 2017 Madrid

Women Dentists Worldwide Forum

DATE 31 August 2017

LOCATION IFEMA Feria de Madrid, Room 106, North Convention Center

TIME 09:00-16:00



1. Name: FDI Section of Women Dentists Worldwide.

2. FDI Constitution

2.1 Objectives (Article III) 
“The objectives of the FDI shall be to represent the profession of dentistry on a voluntary, non-governmental, international basis; to arrange an Annual World Dental Congress and to establish and encourage international programmes which will advance the science and art of dentistry and the status of the profession of dentistry in the interest of improved oral and general health for all peoples.”

2.2 Sections (Paragraph 3.9 of Regulations) 
“3.8.1 Sections are groups of individuals with a common occupation or special interest in a specific area of dentistry”
“3.8.2 A Section of the FDI may be established by the Council.”
“3.8.3 The Section Executive shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Section and the election of the Executive shall be ratified by the Council. All members of the Section Executive shall be proposed by their Regular Member Associations and be members of a Regular or Associate Member Association of the FDI or be Individual Members of the FDI. By-laws of a Section shall be approved by the Council and the Sections shall report and be accountable to the Council.” 
“3.8.4 Possible costs for the respective Sections shall be estimated and submitted to the Finance Committee.”

3. Role and Responsibilities 
The role and responsibilities of the Section of Women Dentist Worldwide are: 
To provide a world forum for the exchange of ideas, innovations and concepts within the areas of Women Dentist Worldwide. 
To recruit and retain Members of the Section, to interact with these Members and to facilitate communication between the Members of the Section. 
To develop and propose educational programmes for the Annual World Dental Congress and for other FDI Conferences. To develop and submit draft FDI Statements to the Council and to regularly update such Statements. 
To provide reports and papers for consideration for publication in the publications of the FDI and/or on the FDI’s website. 
To interact with other international and national organisations on behalf of the FDI, as agreed. 
To provide expertise in the area to the Council. 
To submit a proposed budget for the activities of the Section annually. 
To report to and interact with the Executive Office throughout the year. 
To provide at least one written report to the Council annually.

4. Membership 
Any individual who is active Woman dentist, a woman student or trainee or who has an interest in Women Dentist Worldwide may become and be a Member of the Section.

5. Annual subscription 
Membership of the Section is free for Individual Members of the FDI. For all other Members, the annual subscription shall be the same as for Individual Members of the FDI.

6. Executive
The Executive of the Section consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and four Members, who shall all be Members of a Regular or Associate Member Association of the FDI.
Nominations for the positions on the Section Executive may be submitted by Member Associations and by the Members of the Section with the written support of the Member Association of the nominee. 
The Members of the Executive are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Section for a term of three years and may be elected for only one additional three year term. The elections are to be ratified by the Council.

7. Business meetings 
A business meeting of the Section may be organised by the Executive at the Annual World Dental Congress for discussions about membership, budgets, programmes and activities of the Section, regarding the Executive and any other business.

8. Amendments of By-laws 
The by-laws of the Section may be amended by the Council - after consultation with and on the recommendation of the Section.

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