CE Programme

CE Programme

Development through continuing education is an essential part of the dental profession. It is an important aspect of modern evidence-based dental practice. Furthermore, it is essential that dentists maintain an up-to-date clinical and theoretical knowledge of the art and science of dentistry.

To this end, FDI's Education Committee organizes a number of events to support this requisite every year. These events are categorized by geographical region and compiled into a Global Continuing Education Programme listed below.

Quality control

All FDI CE Programme events are flagged with the above logo. This logo insures that:

  • The lectures flagged with the logo have been organized by a FDI CE Regional Director in collaboration with the local organizer
  • The speakers are recognized FDI international experts
  • The programme of lectures has been reviewed by the FDI Education Committee


Programme Director: Dr Yolande Koffi Gnagne (gkyolandei@gmail.com)
See 2020 CE Programme

Asia Pacific

Programme Director: Dr Simon Ho Kam Yuen (drskyho@gmail.com)
See 2020 CE Programme


Programme Director: Dr Hande Sar Sancakli (handesar@hotmail.com)
See 2020 CE Programme

Latin America

Programme Director: Dr Mauricio Montero (maumontero@gmail.com)
See 2020 CE Programme

Middle East

Programme Director: Prof. Mounir Doumit (mhdoumit@sodetel.net.lb)
See 2020 CE Programme


15-17 April 2020
Congo-Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo - RDC) Rotatory Endodontics 
Scientific days
7-9 August 2020 Zimbabwe, Bulawayo Direct Aesthetic Restoration


Annual General Meeting


12 October 2020  Nigeria, Lagos Restorative Dentistry
(Anterior & Posterior composites and Glass ionomer cements)
Scientific days
8-10 October 2020  Nigeria, Benin City Oral premalignant lesions and failure to diagnose Oral Cancer
Principles of intraoral biopsy
Annual General meeting and scientific conference
15-17 October 2020 Kenya Aesthetic and digital dentistry
Annual dental congress 

Asia Pacific

10 / 11 January 2020 Cambodia Paedodontics
Distraction osteogenesis
The 20th Cambodian Dental Association's Meeting and Exhibition (CDAMEX2020)

Cambodian Dental Association

7 / 09 February 2020 Myanmar Occlusion
Medical emergency
Ruby Jubilee – 40th Myanmar Dental Conference

Myanmar Dental Association

14 / 16 February 2020 Malaysia Aesthetic dentistry
27th Malaysian Dental Association Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition (SCATE 2020)

Malaysian Dental Association

9 / 13 June 2020 Sri Lanka Management of cancer patients
Caries management / Paedodontics
The 42nd Asia Pacific Dental Congress

Asia Pacific Dental Federation, Korean Dental Association

19 / 21 August 2020 Viet Nam Oral medicine
Vietnam International Dental Exhibition & Congress (VIDEC)

Vietnam Odonto-Stomatology Association

21 / 23 August 2020 Hong Kong Paedodontics
Hong Kong International Dental Expo and Symposium (HKIDEAS)

Hong Kong Dental Association

28 / 30 August 2020 Malaysia Orthodontics
Malaysia-International Dental Exhibition and Conference 2020 (MIDEC 2020)

Malaysian Dental Association

September 2020 Nepal To be confirmed
Nepal Dental Association Annual Congress

Nepal Dental Association

4 / 07 September 2020 Fiji Peri-implantitis
Fiji Dental Association Jubilee and Smiles for the Pacific joint Conference

Fiji Dental Association

31 / 01 November 2020 India Endodontics
Continuing Education Programme 2020

Indian Dental Association

November 2020 Macao To be confirmed
Macau International Dental Congress 2020

Macau Dental Association

13 / 14 November 2020 Indonesia Restorative dentistry
Indonesian Dental Association Continuing Dental Education Meeting 2020

Indonesian Dental Association


5 / 07 March 2020 Romania To be confirmed
National Congress

Romanian Dental Association of Private Practitioners

8 / 09 May 2020 Hungary Periodontics
Perspectives in Perio-Implantology and Comprehensive Dentistry

Hungarian Dental Association

28 / 30 May 2020 Bosnia and Herzegovina Orthodontics
National Congress

Dental Association of Bosnia & Herzegovina

11 / 13 June 2020 Bulgaria Orthodontics
20th Scientific Congress of Bulgarian Dental Association

Bulgarian Dental Association

Latin America

3 / 08 February 2020 Panama Orthodontics
Smile design and Digital dentistry
L Congreso Istmeño AOP and XLI Congreso de la Federación Odontológica de Centro América y Panamá

Panamanian Dental Association

6 March 2020 Guatemala Adhesive dentistry
Segundo Congreso del Colegio Estomatológico de Guatemala

Colegio Estomatológico de Guatemala

26 / 27 June 2020 Nicaragua Malocclusions
Congreso Nacional de Odontología 2020

Colegio Odontológico Nicaragüense

14 / 17 July 2020 Colombia To be confirmed
VI Feria Internacional de la Salud Odontotech 2020 and VI Congreso Internacional Odontológico 2020

Federación Odontológica Colombiana

27 / 29 August 2020 Costa Rica Prosthodontics
Dental implants
3D technology
Patient`s satisfaction / Dental implants
Congreso Nacional Odontológico 2020

Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica

Middle East

January 2020 Lebanon Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery/Paediatrics
Continuing Education Courses

Lebanese Dental Association

February 2020 Egypt Oral Leishmaniasis
Continuing Education Course

Egypt Dental Association 

March 2020 Egypt Forensic Odontology
Continuing Education Courses

Egypt Dental Association 

April 2020 Egypt Comprehensive Basic Dental
Continuing Education Course

Egypt Dental Association (EDA)


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