Policy Statements and Resolutions

One of the goals of FDI World Dental Federation is to develop and disseminate policies, standards and information related to all aspects of oral health care around the world. It does this through the publication of FDI Policy Statements; declarations that lay out the current thinking on various issues related to oral health, oral health policies and the dental profession.

FDI Policy Statements are put together through consultation, discussion and consensus amongst leading dental experts from around the world. Many statements are the result of projects carried out by the FDI Science Committee, whilst others are produced in collaboration with organizations such as the World Health Organization.

NEW! FDI Policy Statements adopted/revised in 2016

September, 2016
Science Committee
September, 2016
Science Committee
September, 2016
Science Committee

Policy Statements and Resolutions

Amalgam Waste Management • Adopted 2006
Basic Dental Education • Adopted 2003
Continuing Dental Education • Adopted 2004
Dental Bleaching Materials • Adopted 2005
Dental Erosion • Adopted 2000
Dental Implants • Adopted 2004
Dental Laboratory Technician • Adopted 1998
Dentin Hypersensitivity • Adopted 2009
Endorsement of ISO Standards • Adopted 2004
Global Goals for Oral Health • Adopted 2003
Mercury Hygiene Guidance • Adopted 1998
National Health Policy • Adopted 1998
Noncommunicable Diseases • Adopted 2013
Oral Cancer • Adopted 1998
Preventing Oral Diseases • Adopted 1998
Research • Adopted 1998
Role of FDI in Dental Ethics • Adopted 2015
Safety of Dental Amalgam • Adopted 2007
Salivary Diagnostics • Adopted 2005
Specialization in Dentistry • Adopted 2012
Sports Dentistry • Adopted 2016
Sports Mouthguards • Adopted 2008
Tobacco or Oral Health • Adopted 1996
World Oral Health Day • Adopted 2007

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