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ERO meets in Geneva for its annual spring Plenary Session

28 April 2017
FDI Member

The FDI European Regional Organization (ERO) held its annual Spring Plenary Session on 21-22 April in Geneva, Switzerland. The two-day meeting was hosted by the Swiss Dental Association and was preceded by business meetings of the ERO Board and ERO Working Groups.

Ira Lamster WDC interview

Link between oral disease and metabolic syndrome and obesity

18 April 2017

Professor Ira Lamster shows evidence of link between oral disease and metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Australian oral health study 2017-2018

Australia investigates oral health of population in national study

05 April 2017

Study evaluates level of oral disease among adults, and the effectiveness, sustainability and equity of dental services across Australia.

senior Javanese woman smiling

Poor oral health is a major contributor to malnutrition in older adults

05 April 2017

Study suggests that poor oral health and malnutrition can land older adults in the emergency department.

AO Annual Meeting 2017

Academy of Osseointegration provides international forum for dental implant experts

05 April 2017
FDI Member

This year’s theme ‘Good to Great: Making Excellence a Clinical Reality’ and programme deliver in-depth analysis of today’s implant dentistry.

WOHD17 events map

Time to wrap up another successful World Oral Health Day campaign

03 April 2017
World Oral Health Day

It was an intense week of celebrations across the globe as oral health enthusiasts mobilized to organize activities for WOHD.

Patrick Hescot

March is always an exciting time at FDI

29 March 2017

March is always an exciting period for new initiatives at FDI - increasingly so since 2013, when we began celebrating World Oral Health Day (WOHD) on 20 March. Early results from our Live Mouth Smart campaign in 2017 are very encouraging, showing that the reach of our awareness raising efforts is growing. I was also so pleased to be the first FDI President to celebrate WOHD in Africa.

IAEA’s Consultancy Meeting on Radiation Protection in Dental Radiology

FDI participates in IAEA’s Consultancy Meeting on Radiation Protection in Dental Radiology

27 March 2017

Increasing use of CBCT by dentists and associated risks call for improved education on the safe use of X-rays in dental practice.

¿Verdad o mito? Una encuesta realizada con motivo del Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental muestra la verdad sobre nuestros hábitos de salud bucodental

20 March 2017

Ginebra, Suiza – Hoy, en el Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental, la Federación Dental Internacional (FDI) desmonta mitos forjados sobre los buenos hábitos de salud bucodental, y alienta a todas las personas a informarse mejor y a actuar en consecuencia. La salud bucodental es parte de la salud y el bienestar general, y afecta a todos los aspectos de nuestras vidas.

Mythe ou réalité ? Une enquête mondiale menée à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de la santé bucco-dentaire révèle la vérité sur nos habitudes de santé bucco-dentaire

20 March 2017

Genève, Suisse​ – Aujourd’hui, dans le cadre de la Journée mondiale de la santé bucco-dentaire, la Fédération dentaire internationale (FDI) s’attaque aux mythes et aux croyances vivaces dans différents pays du monde en matière de bonnes pratiques de santé bucco-dentaire, afin d’encourager chacun à mieux s’informer et à agir. La santé bucco-dentaire est une composante intégrale de la santé générale et du bien-être ; elle a des incidences sur tous les aspects de notre vie.