FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Poznan a success

21 September 2016 Congress

20160908-FDI_WDC_Poznan -088-outdoor -©GLontroCharacterized as 'rewarding', 'inspiring', 'well-prepared', 'the best', 'high quality', FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2016 Poznań (FDI AWDC) welcomed nearly 12,000 participants from 90 countries, and featured courses in all fields of dentistry and oral health delivered by 141 experts from some 30 countries, many with simultaneous interpretation (English to Polish or vice-versa). The congress also featured hands-on and innovative 'Meet the Expert' sessions, over 800 free communication and poster sessions and special-day courses in German and Ukrainian. Access the abstract book which is available freely as a special Supplement of FDI’s International Dental Journal.

"I can't wait to write to the organizing committee and say what a success it's been."
Prof. Laurence Walsh

More than 350 exhibitors demonstrated a wide range of products, materials, cutting-edge technology and high-end services in over 5,000 square metres of exhibition space. FDI's role and activities were on display in a nearly 100 square metre pavilion situated at the crossroads between the four sections of the exhibition. See what a few participants had to say about this year's edition:

World Dental Parliament

FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2016 also plays host to the World Dental Parliament where some 300 national delegates joint sessions of the General Assembly, FDI's supreme legislative and governing body, which sets policy and monitors progress, and Open Forums, where debate takes place in a less formal atmosphere.

"The Annual World Dental Congress is really an opportunity for dentists to gather from all over the world not only to share in policy decisions and enjoying one another's company but also to get information and knowledge, shared from all parts of the world."
Dr Sally Hewitt

The congress venue, about two kilometers from the city of Poznań's beautiful and historic centre, proved ideal, both spacious and efficiently run, with excellent support from the event organizer Exactus. Thanks also to FDI's local organizing partners the Polish Dental Society and the Supreme Medical Council of Poland.

FDI launches

FDI AWDC 2016 Poznań saw the launch the new definition of oral health, positioning it as an integral part of general health and well-being. The definition was adopted by over 200 National Dental Associations (NDAs) and specialist groups and will now be rolled out to the oral health community, globally.

"We have created a common foundational language that everyone now will understand and when we say oral health, we all know what we mean."
Prof. Michael Glick

It also saw the launch of the deployment phase of the Oral Health Observatory (OHO), its innovative app-based research project, and the accompanying new mobile app, which will be used to analyze and compare oral health status and dental care in 10 countries. It focuses on standardized data makes it an important step in informing oral health advocacy work and guiding governments in developing effective policies for oral health.

"The Observatory offers a state-of-the-art and efficient way to fulfil the information requirements of our member NDAs in their mission of enhancing oral health."
Dr Ward Van Dijk

Furthermore, FDI AWDC 2016 Poznań saw the release of a white paper on 'Dental Caries Prevention and Management' under the banner of the FDI Caries Prevention Partnership with Colgate. The paper outlines strategies to prevent and manage dental caries (tooth decay) through concerted action by oral health professionals, policymakers and the general public.

"We have outlined evidence-based solutions for dental caries in this white paper. These must be urgently translated into actions."
Prof. Nigel Pitts

World Oral Health Day Workshop

FDI unveiled its World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2017 campaign, Live Mouth Smart, at a dedicated interactive workshop. It provided National Liaison Officers (NLOs) - the WOHD campaign leaders within FDI member national dental associations - with the details of the 2017 campaign's primary and secondary messages, as well as the campaign rationale.

FDI developed the 2017 campaign Live Mouth Smart, as a means of broadening and deepening messaging from previous campaigns and highlighting the function of the mouth in life and health. A series of secondary messages expand on what it means to Live Mouth Smart, for example, 'Be confident through life'.

NLOs were encouraged to provide feedback on their campaign target audiences, messages and activities so that FDI can find ways to integrated them into the international and national campaigns. For the FDI WOHD team, the question was "How can we help?"

"In the future, all oral health care providers will use this forum and this day to develop oral hygiene messages for their patients and policy makers."
Dr Edoardo Cavallè

Hot topics

Aside its wide selection of courses in every field of dentistry, FDI 2016 Poznań also stimulated debate on hot topics such as oral health for ageing populations, a global strategy and teamwork for periodontal health and overall health, adapting to the Minamata Convention, responding to the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, and pointed the way forward in areas such as standards for dental implants.

Take-home messages from the Symposium on 'Oral health for an ageing population' included the perception of the strong association between oral health, general health and social interaction/isolation and the dilemma between the art of probability and science of uncertainty in oral health.

With severe periodontitis the sixth most prevalent disease in the world, the hot topic session focused on how the dental team can work together to tackle the disease burden through the common risk factor approach, as well as opportunities for the prevention of oral and periodontal disease, with an emphasis on the importance of oral health for general health.

"Oral health is the most expensive unique brand of your own, of yourself."
Prof. Li-Jian Jin


This year's World Oral Health Forum, Adapting to the Minamata Convention, placed emphasis on commitment to the phase-down of dental amalgam, opportunities for dental material research and the availability of new materials.

"It's a challenge but it's also a great opportunity. I mean the challenge part clearly is that there is a big burden of untreated tooth decay in the world... The real opportunity is to say 'OK, let's see how we can step back and see how we can be more effective in preventing tooth decay'...”
Prof. David Williams

The session on the 'slow-motion disaster' of antimicrobial resistance focused principally on minimizing bacterial resistant threats to patients and limiting over-prescription of antibiotics.

"We have to create surveillance mechanisms, not only within our respective countries but internationally as well."
Dr Dan Meyer

The second FDI-ISO Forum took place on the last day, with a focus on international standards in the field of dental implants, with quality maintenance and essential factor as the technology becomes more generally-available and costs decrease.


Among this year's awards, national dental associations of Cambodia and Palestine won the first FDI Smile Awards. The CDA won the award in the sustainability category for SEAL Cambodia, an exciting project to save children's teeth in Cambodia. PDA won for the Innovative Oral Health Promotion and Early Disease Prevention Delivery Programme in East Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine.

FDI also presented its World Oral Health Day 2016 prizes in a special ceremony during the WOHD 2017 Workshop. The prizes are awarded by FDI and the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) and this year went to students from Iraq, Egypt and two Poland. The awards were for most educational event, most innovative event, most spectacular picture and best branded picture.

FDI Sections

In a timely nod to political and socioeconomic reality, Women Dentists Worldwide (WDW) held a morning Forum under the theme 'Women's leadership in global health'. The forum also comprised an afternoon session on 'Anaesthesia and sedation in the dental office'. WDW is a section of FDI devoted to the exchange of ideas, innovations and concepts among the world's community of women dentists.

The other two FDI sections, Chief Dental Officer/Public Health Section and Defence Forces Dental Services Section, both held meetings, the latter in the context of the World Congress of Military Dentists.

Highlights from the scientific programme

FDI President Dr Patrick Hescot: Role of dentistry in the modern world

Prof. Lone Schou: Inequalities in oral health

Prof. Claudio Fernandes: Sustainability: a new paradigm in dentistry

Prof. Laurence Walsh: Challenges in temporary infection control

Prof. Ira Lamster: Oral health and general health: diabetes

Prof. Leszek Czupryniak: Impact of oral health on general health: stomatodiabetology

Prof. Rolf Kufus: Bop your teeth

Prof. John Nicholson: Modern materials: can they meet the world’s oral health needs?

Prof. Liran Levin: Tooth or implant what do you prefer?

Prof. Jolanta Kostrzewa-Janicka: Bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea relationship

Prof. Dan Meyer: Overuse of antibiotics in dentistry

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