FDI Regional Congress

African Regional Dental Congress

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FDI African Regional Dental Congress 2017 Marrakesh

Date: 27-29 April 2017
Location: Mövenpick Hotel, Marrakesh, Morocco
Website: www.african-dental-congress.org

The first edition of the FDI African Regional Dental Congress, organized by the FDI Africa Region Organisation and the Association Marocaine de Prévention Bucco-Dentaire (AMPBD), is a meeting point for professionals and scientists from Africa and the whole world.

This large-scale event will include 30 panel discussions, 40 scientific workshops, 4 round tables, 150 free communications and 100 posted presentations, conducted by speakers of international renown. The Congress aims to:

  • Bring together African and international experts to discuss questions surrounding oral health and most frequent oral pathologies in the region
  • Exchange expertise in the field of oral prevention for children and adolescents
  • Share expertise regarding the promotion of good oral health for a well-being in older populations
  • Approach the latest technological and scientific advances for a realistic and objective evidence-based dental practice which also respects ethics and equity
  • Discuss problems hindering the development of oral health in the African continent
  • Provide a platform for meetings to promote the strategy for Africa spearheaded by the World Dental Federation, which concerns the leadership training for the leaders of African FDI member associations
  • Draft statements concerning oral health in Africa

Middle Eastern Regional Dental Congress

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FDI Middle Eastern Regional Dental Congress 2017 Tehran

Date: 15-18 May 2017
Location: Tehran, Iran
Website: www.middle-eastern-dental-congress.org

The first "FDI Middle Eastern Regional Dental Congress" is an assembly for international lecturers, scientists and oral health professionals from around the world. The Congress is organized by the Iranian Dental Association (IDA) and will be held simultaneously with the 57th edition of EXCIDA. The main objectives of the Congress are to exchange views and perspectives on how to refine the art of dentistry and discuss the latest technologies to deliver optimal oral health.

The Congress will bring together world-class speakers and dental professionals to participate in a comprehensive programme of 50 academic panels, 35 scientific workshops and 100 poster presentations. The exhibition, about 10,000 square meters, will showcase the latest dental equipment, materials and products.

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